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Diverse multimedia artist K. Shuquem has immersed himself in the challenge of creating 50 original 6" x 6" art panels in 50 days, an ambitious undertaking begun on June 8, 2015. He will be debuting the full set of 50 pieces at Blue Moon 2015 on Friday, July 31st at LAST Projects in Hollywood. For the series of 50 panels, Shuquem explores the theme of "jail cells" as contemplated through psychological and spiritual perspectives, crafting bleak yet mystically evocative black-and-white pieces from India ink on 6" x 6" panels. Prints of the finished pieces are currently available from saatchiart.com/shuquem. Blue Moon 2015 will have a closing reception at LAST Projects on Thursday August 20th. The panels will then be transported to Pacifica, California's Sanchez Art Center for their annual 50/50 art show where 90 other artists who have also taken the challenge to create 50 works in 50 days will be showing the results of their efforts. Reception August 28.

Blue Moon 2015 also offers a chance to see the full set of four 5.5’ x 5’ Pantocon album covers Shuquem recently completed for his multimedia Medieval Crimes project. The pieces, entitled Earth, Air, Fire and Water serve as the initial stages of the project which will eventually culminate in the formation of the dystopian black metal band Pantocon.

In addition to Shuquem's work, Blue Moon 2015 will feature new original pieces by LA-based psychedelic artist Nora Keyes. Set to be positioned between collections of Shuquem's pieces, Keyes' work will be comprised of large portals of collage art serving as spiritual transit aids.

Shuquem has dubbed the opening of the event Blue Moon 2015 since it syncs up with the rare occurrence of this year's blue moon, an extra full moon that occurs only once every 2-3 years.

Blue Moon 2015
feat. the Works of K. Shuquem and Nora Keyes
Friday, July 31, 2015 - 7:30pm - 11:30pm

LAST Projects: 6546 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 215, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Closing Reception Thursday August 20, 7:30 PM