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Last Projects Gallery and Reversible Eye present “Excesstential Style 2.0”
July 8, 2016 - 7 to 10 pm

Last Projects gallery and curators Reversible Eye have come together to present Excesstential Style 2.0 a wearable art / performance art exhibit featuring artists Karim Shuquem (Los Angeles) and Jonathan Johnson (Hamburg, Germany). Excessential Style 2.0 has been curated by Reversible Eye to showcase jewelry artist Jonathan Johnson’s new line of “Seven Deadly Sins” themed jackets created with Italian actress, singer, model, and director Asia Argento. In addition, Jonathan will be showing a jacket created with the Tom of Finland estate as well as jewelry created with actress, model, dominatrix Snow Mercy.

Karim Shuquem, who performs in groups The Phantom Limbs, the BoyScouts of Annihilation, and Loto Ball and has been described by Jello Biafra as “one of the most talented and demented front-creatures in all of underground rock”, has a history of finding unusual ways to worm himself bodily into questions of the human condition, agency, ability, and fate. His latest work is a series of “Rebellion Jackets” utilizing jail suicide imagery and punk/metal decoration.

Excesstential Style 2.0 artwork will be worn by live actors / models acting out the particular deadly sin they have been cast into for a duration of 90 minutes. Featuring performers Rich Polysorbate 60 (LSD Meat, Cacophony Society), Marieta Rabieta (L.A. Drones), Peter Kalisch (various), Chuckles the Klown (Cacophony Society).

In the mid 90s Oliver Pfeiffer a.k.a. Jonathan Johnson actually wanted to enter the Academy of Art, but then took a little detour and ended up in a jewelry factory in Pforzheim. What began as love at second sight, developed, after the transition to a small manufactory, into great passion and vocation. The move to Hamburg, the cool mentality of the big city, the colorful lights of Reeperbahn - the everyday urban beauty served as his source of inspiration for his designs. Over time, his fascination for the jewelry of ordinary people led him to regularly visit the stranger locales of Harlem, Coney Island and Chicago, where he was particularly interested in the fusion of different cultures. Oliver Pfeiffers curiosity and his need to link various aspects/themes of interdisciplinary creation lead to the distinctiveness of his designs

Karim Shuquem’s creative work first developed as part of the DIY punk culture of the 80’s in which he published zines, pressed records, and promoted shows. In the 90’s he began to tour nationally and internationally with his own music and performance groups. Shuquem received a BFA in Fine Art in 2004 as well as a BA in Graphic Design from CSU East Bay in Hayward, California. He is currently in the Masters of Fine Art program at Otis College. He and his partner Elena Brocade operated Reversible Eye gallery in Chicago for seven years and curated Jonathan Johnson art exhibit In Every Dream Home a Heartache in 2008 with the assistance of musician Bobby Conn. Elena Brocade / Reversible Eye curated the first Excesstential Style exhibit in 2007.

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Make sure to see the Bruce LaBruce Exhibit on July 15 at Lethal Amounts. Jonathan Johnson created jewelry for Bruce.